THE NURSERY: What a fine fine-cut!


It is mid-May and time for a quick update on our post-production efforts on The Nursery!

It has been a very productive past several weeks! Not only have we completed a rough-cut of the film, but in the last few days we’ve finished trimming down to our initial fine-cut, as well! That means that we are rapidly closing in on a finished film!

What has that entailed? Well, the work on getting from the rough-cut to the fine-cut has mostly meant:

  • Trimming up some of the most suspenseful scenes to ensure that the timing and reveals hit with the best payoff.
  • Revisiting some of the most intense “action” sequences to ensure that they have just the right impact that we are trying to achieve.
  • Rearranging some shots and dialogue so that we aren’t repeating ourselves or revealing too much too soon.
  • And doing all we can do ensure that the pacing and mood of the film is as effective and impactful as we can make  it!

Now, we are in a position to make final edit decisions, to work more aggressively on audio engineering and sound effects, and to start laying in our visual effects. Most of our visual effects are practical effects that were staged on-set, but we still have some post-productive visual effects to work in, as well, and now is that time!

Are you excited? We certainly are!

Once again, the team at The Nursery wants to express our tremendous appreciation to all our fans, friends, and followers who have been asking us for updates, expressing support, and sharing our excitement and enthusiasm for this film! As we have said over and over, we’re making this movie for you!

We’ll be back with more soon!

Meanwhile, here are some more behind-the-scenes photos from production on The Nursery!