THE NURSERY Post-Production: Full Steam Ahead


It’s been a while since we’ve shared an update on the production of The Nursery, and so we just wanted to take a break and tell you a bit about the great progress that we are making!

First off, the team at The Nursery wants to express our tremendous appreciation to all our fans, friends, and followers who have been eagerly asking us for updates, expressing warm wishes and support, and sharing our excitement and enthusiasm for this film! As we have said over and over, we’re making this movie for you!

For the past couple of months, we have been fully engaged in the post-production process, working through the amazing footage our team produced and the outstanding performances that our cast delivered. Between October 30 and December 10 of last year and over thirteen days of principal photography, we put literally thousands of shots and sequences in the can; and working through that footage, choosing the best takes and imagery, and finding the most creative ways to weave it all together is a joyous–but definitely time consuming!–process. The reward is seeing the vision that we started with so many months ago take shape right in front of our eyes and start to become the movie that we have hoped it will be!

And it is! Right now, we honestly could not be happier with how it is all coming together, and we think that by the time we’re done, we are going to have exactly the kind of creepy, suspenseful, and terrifying throw-back indie horror flick that we’ve been promising all along!

You know, there’s a cliche in filmmaking that says that a movie is written three times: once in the script writing process, once on-set during production, and once during post-production. Each phase offers opportunities to develop not only the story and characters, but also the thematic undertones, the anticipation and mounting dread, and–in the case of The Nursery–the scares! That has certainly been the case for us, and we are taking advantage of every available opportunity in this final phase of the process to raise the stakes, build the suspense, and make The Nursery the terrifying treat that we want it to be for our fans.

And we’re getting closer every day!

If we had to estimate, we would probably say that we are about two-thirds of the way through our rough cut, and we are concurrently starting to work on sound and visual effects and the little details that will really bring the movie to life. In fact, it’s our hope and expectation that we will have the final film completed before the end of spring…and then it will just be a matter of figuring out all the different ways to share it with you!

Hopefully, you are excited about that. We certainly are!

In the meantime, we promise to be better about sharing updates, images and footage, as well other previews and treats for our fans (nearly 57,000 and growing on Facebook alone!!) who have been so great about keeping us excited and motivated through this process!

Thanks again, and please enjoy some spoiler-free EXCLUSIVE stills below from The Nursery!