Sneak Peek Behind the Makeup of THE NURSERY


Photo above:  (Left to Right) The Nursery‘s makeup and effects wizard Judy Denny works to prepare Monica Bahr’s makeup, while Judy’s daughter and assistant, Anna Elise Petterson, works on star Maddi Conway.

According to Hollywood legend, Boris Karloff endured at least four hours (and sometimes more!) of grueling, painful makeup work every single day to bring Frankenstein‘s monster to life for the original 1931 film. The incredible result, designed and implemented by the great Jack Pierce, remains to this day the most iconic horror movie makeup in cinema history.

We’d like to believe that the process was not as painful for The Nursery‘s Monica Bahr, who nonetheless had to endure hours of makeup every time she came to work on The Nursery…one day enduring six hours in the chair! The results–which we can’t share yet!–were amazing.

Channeling the spirit of Jack Pierce, The Nursery‘s makeup and effects wizard Judy Denny designed and implemented the horrific makeup for the film, which our fans will absolutely LOVE when they finally see it in full effect!

Judy–whose film and TV credits include My Son My Savior, Come Follow Me, WWE Smackdown!, American Idol, and Major League, among many others–was assisted throughout production by her daughter, Anna Elise Petterson, making her feature film makeup debut on The Nursery.

Below are some production photos of Judy, Anna, Monica, and others working through makeup on The Nursery.


Photo above: Monica Bahr, who on some days had to endure up to six hours of makeup work during production of The Nursery, sits patiently here while goop dries on her hands and arms!


Photo above:  (Left to Right)  Judy Denny works with Emmaline Friederichs to prepare her for her first day of shooting on The Nursery.


Photo above:  (Left to Right) Makeup and effects artist Judy Denny works on bloodying up the hands of The Nursery‘s Claudio Parrone Jr. Even Judy seems to be grossed out by her own handiwork!


Photo above:  (Left to Right) Judy Denny, on set in Greendale, WI, jumps in between takes to do some touch up work on Maddi Conway.


Photo above:  This is the least cluttered the makeup table ever looked during production of The Nursery!

Advertisements Promotes The Nursery’s First Public Image


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