Horrorsociety.com shares The Nursery’s first public image

The well-trafficked online horror site Horror Society has picked up the story about The Nursery releasing our first public image…and helped us share that image with its millions of worldwide readers!


According to the story:

With principal photography expected to be completed in the early days of December, producers of the indie horror film “The Nursery” yesterday released their first still image from the film, featuring actress Maddi Conway in the lead role of Ranae. The image was first posted on the film’s Facebook page, as an exclusive first-look for the film’s 47,000+ Facebook fans.

Executive Producers Glenn Chung, Jay Sapiro, and Chris Micklos said that they were very excited to release the initial image of the film to their incredible social fan base, and they noted that more images—from production photos to stills from the movie—will be posted in the days to come.

“Our fans have been so loyal and enthusiastic,” Chung said today, “that we wanted to give them just a little treat…a preview of the great images and look that we are developing for the film.”

Sapiro concurred, adding, “We have a top-notch team working to make ‘The Nursery’ look terrific, and day after day, we could not be more pleased with how it’s turning out.”

Micklos hinted that the first image might also give fans a glimpse into the broader tone and feel of the film…and what they can expect from the finished product.

“Maddi Conway has been amazing for us in ‘The Nursery’’s lead role,” Micklos said, “and even from this one image, fans should be able to get a feel for what she’s bringing to the table. Intensity. Gravity. Passion. Maddi is putting together a real breakout performance that anchors the entire film!”

With a huge horror fan readership globally and 630,000 Facebook fans alone, the coverage in Horror Society exposes The Nursery to a massive worldwide audience! We’re so excited to be reaching horror fans all over the world!

Click to read the full story at Horror Society here!


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