The Nursery Movie Makes Social Media History


Photo above:  Carly Sauer as Grace, confronting the darkness in The Nursery.

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December 9, 2016

The Nursery Makes Social Media History

First Indie Horror Film of its Kind Ever to Reach 50,000+ Social Fan Mark before Production is Completed

Madison, WI  – The indie horror film The Nursery and its incredible fans made history yesterday, becoming the first indie horror film of its kind to surpass 50,000 social media followers (Facebook fans, specifically) before production on the film is even completed. Cameras rolled on the film’s 13-day production schedule on October 31 of this year, and the film is expected to wrap on Saturday, December 10.

The Nursery’s Executive Producers Glenn Chung, Jay Sapiro, and Chris Micklos have made fan outreach and engagement a priority during development and production of the film, sharing with its fans production updates and behind-the-scenes photos, exclusive stills, and more fan-friendly content throughout the filmmaking process. Horror fans have responded enthusiastically by helping The Nursery set its historic mark and build its unprecedented early fan base.

“I’ve been a horror fanatic all my life,” Micklos—also Writer and Co-Director of The Nursery—said. “And since this movie is being made by horror fans, you can bet that it’s being made for horror fans, as well. That’s what this all about.”

Co-Director Sapiro concurred, noting, “We know exactly who our audience is, and we know exactly what scares them, and so we are able to use what we know and what we are learning about them every day through social media to make this a horror movie that they will really respond to.”

Chung said that audience engagement and interaction has been a priority from the start. “When we first began this movie,” Chung said, “we started reaching out immediately to our core audience, keeping them engaged and involved and making sure that they were—and continue to be—part of the process. And they have really rewarded us with their enthusiasm and loyalty.”

 The Nursery is an independent horror movie in the tradition of Halloween, Paranormal Activity, and House of the Devil. When college freshman Ranae agrees to babysit for a family with a tragic past, her run-of-the-mill Saturday night quickly turns into a confrontation with unspeakable horror. Stalked by a sinister presence and haunted by ghosts from her own past, Ranae and her friends must confront an evil spirit determined to hunt them down one-by-one on a deliberate march toward its ultimate prey.

Find The Nursery’s Facebook page at: .

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(More photos below)


Contact:  Chris Micklos

Phone:  (608) 279-1324



Photo above:  (Left to Right) Executive Producer Glenn Chung with technical advisor Jason Knight, as star Maddi Conway prepares for the first shot of The Nursery.


Photo above:  (Foreground Left to Right) Co-Director Jay Sapiro with Diretor of Photography Daniel Andera, triple-checking the next shot of The Nursery.


Photo above:  (Left to Right) Writer and Co-Director Chris Micklos reviews the scene with stars Maddi Conway and Emmaline Friederichs during a break in filming The Nursery.


Photo above:  (Left to Right) Stars Monica Bahr, Claudio Parrone Jr., Maddi Conway, Carly Sauer, and Emmaline Friederichs cheesing out after a late night of filming The Nursery.


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