We Hit a Nerve!

Well, I’d say that we might have hit a nerve. Our FB page, which went live a little less than a month ago, has over 7,300 fans! Thanks to all of you for your early support and encouragement. We promise to make it worth your while, and we hope that folks continue to share and stay engaged with us/The Nursery.

So who are we? I think Chris did a very good job of explaining that in his Three Friends and a Dream blog and would suggest that you check it out. I will, however, say that Glenn, Chris and I have been friends and business partners for more than 20 years. Our firm, Visuality, has developed creative and effective media for clients and campaigns all across the country. We’ve been extremely fortunate in that we’ve been able to do what we love – with folks we genuinely enjoy working with – for more than two decades. Our hope is to bring our unique approach to media and storytelling to The Nursery…and everything that relates to it.

Speaking of storytelling, we’re looking for storytellers of sorts for The Nursery. That’s right, we’re looking for actors. Our first casting session will be held in Milwaukee on Tuesday, July 19, at The Alchemist Theatre from 10am to 4pm. All the details can be found here. Be sure to check our FB page later this week, as I’m sure we’ll post photos and updates shortly after the session.

Please stay engaged and involved as we plan to keep “hitting nerves” (I think I just came up with the title for our next horror film…).

  • Jay

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