Welcome to The Nursery!

When college freshman Ranae agrees to babysit for a family with a tragic past, her run-of-the-mill Saturday night quickly turns into a confrontation with unspeakable horror. Stalked by a sinister presence and haunted by ghosts from her own past, Ranae and her friends must confront an angry, evil spirit determined to hunt them down one-by-one on a deliberate march toward its ultimate prey in The Nursery.

The Nursery is an independent horror movie in the tradition of “Halloween”, “Paranormal Activity”, and “House of the Devil” currently in development in Madison & Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Initial development on the film began in earnest late in the spring of this year, and at the point of this writing (July 10, 2016), our team has hammered out a compelling story, written two (2) drafts of a script, and identified our primary location for filming. The process has moved along quickly so far, but now we are starting to confront some of the key nuts-and-bolts decisions and steps of the movie making process, so the real work is about to ramp up considerably.

That’s where this blog comes in.

Though we are starting it a bit later than we would have liked, it is our intention to use this blog to help us keep our friends, family, and fans up-to-date on the progress of the film, as well as to engage other film fanatics, horror fans, and creative thinkers in the process of making The Nursery the best movie we can make it. In addition, we see it as an opportunity to keep our own thoughts organized, to give us a chance to memorialize the process for ourselves (what’s that they say about not seeing the forest for the trees?), and–in general–to allow us to test out or key ideas, to reflect on the process, and (perhaps) even to rant and rave about the process now and then.

The original core producers of The Nursery are Glenn Chung, Chris Micklos, and Jay Sapiro. Owners of the media firm Visuality, we have been partners working together doing production work of all kinds all over the country for nearly 20 years, and we decided this spring that it was well past time that we finally stop talking about making a movie ourselves and actually do it. When you roll all three of us together, you get a core team that brings to this project significant production experience, terrific creative energy, a fanaticism for all things horror, and–without exception–three guys who have a pure love of and passion for the movies. We expect that our final movie will reflect all that, and we certainly hope that this blog will, too. (There will be more about our team in future posts, but we thought we could just introduce ourselves quickly here. So stay tuned!)

Different members of the creative team will jump in and out of the blog, so our readers will likely get different voices and perspectives throughout the process, but we trust that it will be an interesting, fun look inside the process of a team of passionate movie fans tacking their (our) first independent, full-length, feature film.

Since we are starting the blog a couple months into the process, we’ll probably start by using the first several blog posts to get caught up. We’ll tell you some more about our core team, talk a little bit about the story development process, reflect on the writing of the script, and more. Then, once we’re all caught up, we’ll start of the process of contemporaneously blogging on events and developments as they occur; we’ll share evolving imagery and creative dilemmas for our readers to weigh in on; and maybe we’ll even do some blogging and reflecting on other movies and culture that inspire us or brush up against the kind of movie that we’re trying to make.

I guess you can think about this blog like this:

  • Part journal
  • Part social engagement
  • Part creative exercise
  • Part therapy

Put it all together, and we think it will be well worth our time and energy, and we certainly hope it will be worth yours, as well.

So, please follow our blog for all of the above, as well as regular production updates, announcements, and opportunities to get involved in helping us make this exciting, original feature film!


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